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In this recent article about getting ready to become a shareholder of Huddlestock we included a presentation about Huddlestock and its businesses. One of the presented businesses was Investment-as-a-Service.

Investment-as-a-Service is where the individual offerings of Bricknode and Huddlestock Investor Services are combined. The combination delivers a unique brokerage service for B2B partners and direct customers within wealth management.

Today a press released was issued by Huddlestock announcing that Assets under Administration with Huddlestock had surpassed NOK 5 billion. This is an impressive growth rate of 33% compared to September 2023, meaning just 8 months.

“Being able to deliver the combined online brokerage offering was one of the main drivers for Bricknode to join Huddlestock. This is the part of the Huddlestock business that we are looking to grow significantly during the next few years,” said Stefan Willebrand, CEO and Founder of Bricknode.

Additional information

On his personal blog, Stefan Willebrand has written an article that explains what Assets under Administration means.